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Wednesday, January 18, 2012
  Pre-Selling James Bond 50th Anniversary!
Rittenhouse Archives' new James Bond 50th Anniversary trading cards are arriving on May 2nd! Every box will include 3 autograph cards!

The set consists of 100 base cards, featuring gold foil stamping on every card. Cards from all 22 classic Bond films, from Dr. No to Quantum of Solace, are included. Boxes are on sale for $61 each. Cases (12 boxes) are $709. Binder cases (4 binders) are $82.

Click here to order.

Set details:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011
  Naruto Invasion Orders Due!
The next Naruto expansion, Invasion, is scheduled to ship by November 18th!

Order by Thursday, November 10th, to receive our lowest prices! We will be raising our booster box price from $58 to $59, our booster case price from $342 to $348 (6 boxes), and our theme deck box price from $50 to $51 on Thursday. We are also pre-selling theme deck sets (one of each deck configuration) for $17.

Click here to order.

We are also pre-selling Naruto Rebirth tins which are scheduled to arrive on December 2nd. Cases (12 tins) are $129 and 3-tin sets are $38.

Other In-Stock Items:
Battle of Destiny Booster [1st Edition] Box.....$69
Dream Legacy Booster [Unlimited] Box.....$59
Dream Legacy Theme Deck Box.....$49
Emerging Alliance Blister Booster [1st Ed] Box.....$42 ($449/case)
Eternal Rivalry Booster [1st Edition] Box.....$48
Fierce Ambitions Tin Set [3 tins].....$42
Foretold Prophecy Booster [1st Edition] Box.....$27
Guardian of the Village Tin Set [3 tins].....$34
Path of Pain Booster [1st Edition] Box.....$53
Revenge & Rebirth Booster [1st Ed.] Box....$69
Shattered Truth Booster [1st Ed.] Box.....$59 ($348/case)
The Chosen Booster [Unlimited] Box.....$27
Tournament Pack 1 Booster [1st Edition] Box.....$64
Tournament Pack 2 Booster [1st Edition] Box.....$29
Tournament Pack 3 Booster [1st Edition] Box.....$58
Untouchable Tin Case [12 tins].....$89
Weapons of War Booster [1st Edition] Box.....$60
Monday, November 7, 2011
  Pokemon Noble Victories Booster Orders Due
Pokemon Noble Victories Boosters are expected to ship on November 16th!

Order by Wednesday, November 9th to receive our lowest prices! We will be raising our booster box price from $90 to $91 and our booster case price from $532 to $539 (6 boxes) on Wednesday.

Noble Victories Theme Deck boxes are in stock now ($68/box).

Click here to order.

Other In-Stock Pokemon Items:
B&W Emerging Powers Booster Box.....$91 ($539/case)
B&W Emerging Powers Collector's Album Box.....$8
B&W Emerging Powers Theme Deck Box.....$68
Black & White Booster Box (without codes).....$87
Black & White Collector's Album Box.....$8
Black & White Starter Figure Case [12].....$134
Black & White Trainer Kit Box.....$67
Black & White Victini Box.....$16
Zoroark-Illusions Collection Box.....$12
Legends Awakened Booster Box.....$118
Diamond & Pearl Power Pack Box.....$69
Stormfront Booster Box.....$99
Great Encounters Booster Box.....$147
Mysterious Treasures Booster Box.....88
Secret Wonders Booster Box.....$111
EX Emerald Theme Deck Box.....$88
EX Hidden Legends Booster Box.....$174
EX Legend Maker Booster Box.....$128
HeartGold/SoulSilver '10 Spring Tin Case [9].....$148
Triumphant Booster Box.....$99
Undaunted Booster Box.....$92
Unleashed Booster Box......$89
Arceus Booster Box......$89
Platinum Booster Box.....$107
Rising Rivals Booster Box.....$106 ($612/case)
Supreme Victors Booster Box......$88
Ultra Pro Pokemon Series 5 (B&W) Deck Protectors.....$37
Wednesday, November 2, 2011
  New Release Dates For Cryptozoic Trading Cards!
Cryptozoic Entertainment recently announced new release dates for its upcoming trading card releases:

Vampire Diaries Season 1 is now tentatively scheduled to release on December 6th. Boxes are available for $60, cases for $709, and binder cases (10 binders) for $255.

The Walking Dead is now expected to ship on December 13th. Boxes are on sale for $60, cases for $708, and binder cases (10 binders) for $255.

Big Bang Theory has been pushed back, tentatively, to February 14th (originally expected to arrive in mid December). Boxes are $60 and 12-box cases are $708.

Click here to place your order.
Friday, October 7, 2011
  WoW Throne of Tides Shipping Tuesday (Oct. 11)!
The new World of Warcraft expansion, Throne of Tides, is expected to ship next Tuesday, October 11th!

Order by Monday, October 10th to receive our lowest prices! We will be raising our booster box price from $93 to $94 and our booster case price from $1069 to $1079 (12 boxes) on Monday.

Booster boxes will include 36 packs for the first time!

Throne of Tides Epic Collection is also available for $29/box or $336/case (12 boxes).

Also available for pre-order:
2011 Dungeon Decks.....$117/box -or- $689/case (6 boxes)
2011 Fall Class Decks.....$74/box
2011 Treasure Packs....$95/box -or- $1094/case (12 boxes)

Click here to order.
Friday, September 2, 2011
  Lord of the Rings HeroClix On Sale Now!
The new Lord of the Rings HeroClix game is expected to ship in mid-November! We are accepting pre-orders now.

Each Lord of the Rings HeroClix Counter-Top Display box includes 24 single figure blind boosters (4 bricks of 6 figures). The set features 21 precisely sculpted characters from the Lord of the Rings film trilogy which are compatible with all Marvel and DC HeroClix figures! Counter-Top boxes are $54 each.

Each Lord of the Rings HeroClix Starter Set includes 8 figures (3 exclusive figures and five completely redialed from the base set), Campaign Rules for recreating the epic battles of Middle Earth, 6 maps, 48 Horde tokens, a 2011 Official Rulebook, and a set of themed dice forged from the depths of Mount Doom! Starter sets are $27 each.

Click here to order.
Wednesday, August 31, 2011
  Pre-Selling Marvel HeroClix Incredible Hulk!
We are now taking pre-orders for Wizkids' newest Marvel HeroClix set - The Incredible Hulk!

Incredible Hulk boosters feature 51 new figures. Included are the Incredible Hulk and his arch rivals Abomination and The Leader, as well as sub-themes from Planet Hulk, World War Hulks, Fall of the Hulks, and the new Fantastic Four. Booster cases (20 packs) are $159. Booster bricks (10 packs) are $89.

Counter-Top Display boxes include 24 blind booster packs, each containing 1 figure. There are 10 different figures from the base set available, all completely redialed and ready for action. Counter-Top Display boxes are $54 each.

Each Marvel HeroClix: Incredible Hulk Fast Forces pack includes six figures (with never-before-seen dials, powers, and abilities), a map, and dice. Fast Forces packs are available individually for $14 or by the case (16 packs) for $199.

Click here to preorder.

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