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Wednesday, September 30, 2009
  UFC Round 2 Sells Out In Less Than An Hour
We received a shipment of the new Topps UFC Round 2 trading cards today. We knew the demand for this product would be great, but we didn't envision it selling out in just minutes. Amazingly, that is exactly what happened. If you are interested in purchasing UFC Round 2, please email us, and we will notify you if we are able to find additional boxes. If you received an email today and missed out on this opportunity, please let us know, and we will make sure you receive an email when or if we restock.
Tuesday, September 29, 2009
  New Moon Trading Cards Update - Battle Spirits Rise of Angels On Sale
We've had a number of customers asking us about the Twilight New Moon trading cards this week. At this point in time, we have sold all of the New Moon boxes and cases that we have on order and are attempting to get more. If you would like to be notified if/when we find more New Moon, please click here and enter your email address. Of course, if we are able to find additional product, we will announce that here as well.

We just received information today about the first Battle Spirits expansion, Rise of Angels. The set introduces 115 new cards. Each pack includes 8 cards (up to 6 common, up to 2 uncommon, and 1 of 3 rare card types). Rares may be either Rare (found 3:4 packs), Master Rare (found 1:5 packs), or X-Rare (found 1:23 packs). Booster boxes are $57. Sealed cases (6-boxes) are just $336. Rise of Angels is due out in mid-November.

We also have Battle Spirits Call of the Core boosters in stock for $57, booster cases (6 boxes) for $336, and starter boxes for $51.
Monday, September 28, 2009
  Warhammer Invasion Core Set & AGoT Secrets & Spies In Stock Tomorrow - JLA Archives Price Increase Coming Soon - Razor Ink Vault Back In Stock
We are expecting two new Fantasy Flight products to arrive tomorrow.

The first is the new Warhammer Invasion Core Set. We had originally expected these to arrive next month. If you haven't placed your order yet, we do have extra Core Sets still available for just $29 each.

Each Core Set includes 220 cards representing 4 different factions, a rulebook, 35 resource tokens, 60 damage tokens, 4 burning tokens, and 4 player boards - everything needed for two players to play.

We also expect to receive A Game of Thrones Secrets & Spies chapter packs tomorrow. Secrets and Spies is the fifth chapter pack in the King's Landing expansion. It contains 40 cards (20 unique new cards) and features the King's Landing card, which provides a draw engine for a "Shadows" deck. In addition, players can look for Ser Osmund Kettleblack, Littlefinger, Varys, and Qyburn. You can still order Secrets & Spies chapter packs for $9 each or $44 by the 6-pack.

If you are planning to place a pre-order for Rittenhouse's upcoming Justice League of America Archives set, please remember that tomorrow is the last day to order and take advantage of our very best prices!

As always, customers pre-ordering multiple cases receive all relevant case incentives for free!

We posted information last Monday on how to get a free set of promos from Razor if you pull an Inkworks redemption card from a Razor Ink Vault box. At the time we were sold out of Ink Vault boxes, but we have since restocked this hot item. Each box includes one non-sport trading card box plus 3 autograph cards. Boxes are $51 each.
Friday, September 25, 2009
  Spider-Man Archives Sold Out - Justice League Price Increase Coming Soon
Rittenhouse Archives announced today that its upcoming Spider-Man Archives trading card set is now sold out! We are sold out as well. Please email us at sales@potomacdist.com if you would like to be notified if we find secondary sources for Spider-Man Archives boxes.

Rittenhouse also informed us today that it will be producing just 6,000 boxes (500 cases) of Justice League of America Archives. Like almost all Rittenhouse products, we expect this set to sell out fast. We are urging all interested customers to place their orders as early as possible so that they don't miss out on this set.

As always, customers will receive all related case incentives for FREE with their 3, 9, and 18 case purchases.

Here are our current prices:
1 Case.....$709
3 Cases.....$709/Case (includes 1 Felipe Masseferra hand-painted card)
9 Cases.....$699/Case (includes 1 Bard hand-painted card & 3 Masseferra cards)
18 Cases.....$689/Case (includes an Archive box, 2 Bard cards, & 6 Masseferra cards)
Binder Case (4 binders).....$82/Case

After Tuesday, September 29, we will raise our prices:
1 Case.....$719
3 Cases.....$719/Case (includes 1 Felipe Masseferra hand-painted card)
9 Cases.....$709/Case (includes 1 Bard hand-painted card & 3 Masseferra cards)
18 Cases.....$699/Case (includes an Archive box, 2 Bard cards, & 6 Masseferra cards)
Binder Case (4 binders).....$82/Case
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
  Pre-Selling Marvel HeroClix Hammer of Thor

We are now accepting pre-orders for the upcoming Marvel HeroClix Hammer of Thor expansion. The set features Thor as well as the heroes and villains of Asgard. There are 60 all-new figures in the set.

We've had a number of customers ask us already about the special "buy it by the brick" figure. It is our understanding that the figure will be packaged with each brick. So you should receive two special figures in each case (20 packs), or one with each half case (10 packs) purchase.

Cases are just $159 each. Half cases are $89.
Tuesday, September 22, 2009
  Yu-Gi-Oh Jack Atlas Tins In Stock!
The new Yu-Gi-Oh Jack Atlas tins have arrived! All pre-orders have been shipped.

Each tin includes 1 Crossroads of Chaos pack, 1 Crimson Crisis pack, 1 Raging Battle pack, and 2 Ancient Prophecy (1st Edition) packs. Also included are a pack of purple card sleeves with the official Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's logo and a secret rare variant card of XX-Saber Gottoms (previously available only as an Ultra Rare in Ancient Prophecy). Cases (12 tins) are just $165!
Monday, September 21, 2009
  JLA Archives On Sale - Razor Offers Deal For Inkworks Redemption Cards
We've just begun to accept pre-orders for Rittenhouse Archives' much anticipated Justice League of Amercia Archives trading card set. Every box inclues 1 hand-drawn colored SketchaFEX card! Artists include Warren Martineck, Andy Price, Rhiannon Owens, Kate Bradley, Mark Spears, Brian Kong, John Haun, Jim Kyle, Tone Rodriguez, and more! In addition to the 72-card base set, collectors can look for an 18-card Superfriends classic cartoon bonus set. The set is scheduled to arrive on November 18th.

Case incentives include:
Case Topper.....Autograph card signed by legendary JLA artist Murphy Anderson
3-Case Incentive.....Exclusive hand-painted card by Felipe Masseferra
9-Case Incentive.....Exclusive hand-painted card by BARD
18-case Incentive.....JLA Archives Archive box featuring 39 sketches (a complete master set of pack-inserted sketches from each of the 39 artists)!

Justice League of America Archives boxes are just $61. Cases (12 boxes) are only $709. Binder cases (4 binders) are $82.

Customers who purchased Razor's Ink Vault product will be interested to know that Razor is offering a special deal for anyone who found an Inkworks redemption card in their box(es). The first 1,000 customers who mail in their Inkworks redemption card along with a self addressed stamped envelope will receive a special Razor Collectibles 5-card promo pack. There is a limit of one promo pack per customer.

Customers should send their redemption cards to:

Razor Entertainment Group
10835 Sanden Drive
Dallas, TX 75238

We are currently sold out of Razor Ink Vault boxes. If you are interested in being notified when we restock, please email us at sales@potomacdist.com.
Thursday, September 17, 2009
  Preselling Yu-Gi-Oh Stardust Overdrive, Bella's Ball, HeroClix Hammer of Thor, WoW Naxxramus, and More!
Wow! We've received a lot of information this week on new products due out between now and the end of the year. We added many of these to our web site over the past few days. We'll be highlighting some of these products in the coming days, but take a look at what's on the horizon!

Iron Man Movie Robert Downey Jr. Variation Autograph Card.....$169 (only 250 signed!)

Bella Sara: Bella's Ball booster box.....$60
Bella Sara: Miniatures Series 2 box.....$26
Twilight: New Moon trading card box.....$39
Twilight: New Moon trading card case.....$379 (10 boxes)

Bella Sara: 2009 Holiday Collector's Tin....$9
Bella Sara: 2009 Holiday Collector's Tin Display box.....$46 (6 tins)
Ben 10: Highbreed Invasion Gravity Feed booster box.....$46
HeroClix: Marvel Hammer of Thor case....$159 (20 packs)
HeroClix: Marvel Hammer of Thor half case....$89 (10 packs)
Pokemon: Platinum Arceus booster box.....$86
Pokemon: Platinum Arceus booster case.....$509 (6 boxes)
Pokemon: Platinum Arceus starter box.....$64
Yu-Gi-Oh: Stardust Overdrive booster box.....$59
Yu-Gi-Oh: Stardust Overdrive booster case.....$695 (12 boxes)

Stargate Heroes trading card box.........$61
Stargate Heroes binder case.........$82 (4 binders)
Stargate Heroes trading card case.........$709 (12 boxes)
World of Warcraft: Naxxramas Raid Deck....$24
World of Warcraft: Naxxramas Raid Deck box....$119 (6 decks)
World of Warcraft: Naxxramas Treasure Pack box....$67
Wednesday, September 16, 2009
  Twilight New Moon Trading Cards On Sale - Twilight Zone 50th Anniversary Sold Out!
We are now accepting pre-orders for NECA's upcoming Twilight New Moon trading card set. The set is scheduled to arrive in October. In addition to a 72-card base set, collectors can look for foil and puzzle card inserts.

We were notified today that Rittenhouse archives is now sold out of its Twilight Zone 50th Anniversary set. They also informed us that the release date has been pushed back by a few days. It is now expected to arrive on October 2nd. It was previously scheduled to release on September 30th. We are currently sold out of Twilight Zone as well. If you are still interested in placing a pre-order, please email us at sales@potomacdist.com and we will notify you if we are able to find any sources for additional boxes in the coming weeks.
  L5R Glory of the Empire, Path of the Destroyer Starters, & Other OOP Boxes Back In Stock!
We've just restocked several recent Legend of the Five Rings products that are now out of print!

We haven't had any L5R Glory of the Empire booster boxes for sale since July. We have a few boxes available now for $157 each.

We also have a very limited number of Glory of the Empire starter boxes available now for $58 each.

Less than a month ago, AEG released its L5R Path of the Destroyer expansion. We've had no problem keeping boosters in stock, but the manufacturer sold out of starters almost immediately upon release. Since they've been nearly impossible for us to find, we're excited to have them back in stock again. They are $58 each. Starter sets (1 Scorpion, 1 Spider, 1 Unicorn deck) are $37 each.

We've also restocked all of these tough to find CCG boxes recently:

Duel Masters: Blastosplosion/Gigantic Rage Booster.....$74
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Anthology box.....$64
Shadowfist: Critical Shift booster box.....$39
Shadowfist: Dark Future Reprint booster box.....$39
Shadowfist: Shurikens & Six Guns booster box.....$39
Star Wars: Special Edition booster box.....$79
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
  Stargate Heroes On Sale!
We've had a number of customers ask us when we would begin pre-selling Rittenhouse's upcoming Stargate Heroes set. The time has come! The new set, which combines Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, and the new Stargate Universe, is scheduled to arrive on December 2nd. Every box will include 3 autograph cards and 2 relic cards!

In addition to the 90-card base set collectors can look for Stargate Atlantis Season 5 cards, Stargate Heroes In Motion cards, Stargate Continuum, cards, and sneak-peek bonus cards for the new Stargate Universe series.

Every case will include one of two different sequentially numbered Stargate Art cards.

Customers pre-ordering 3 cases will receive a free Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) Sepia autograph card.

Customers pre-ordering 6 cases will receive a free Relic card that features authentic pieces of the actual Stargate!

Customers pre-ordering 12 cases will receive a free Stargate Heroes archive box!

Boxes are $61. Cases (12 boxes) are $709. Binder cases (4 binders) are $82.
  Great Deals On Yu-Gi-Oh Blister Boxes!
From time to time you might see an item on our web site listed as a "blister box" or a "blister booster box." Many of you may already know that a blister is simply a pack that has been mounted on a piece of cardboard for retail display purposes. Because blisters aren't usually boxed in the colorful hobby packaging that most customers are used to seeing, they often go unnoticed, ignored, and misunderstood. Oddly enough, they often contain some of the best deals!

Take a look at these great Yu-Gi-Oh blister deals:

Regular Strike of Neos boxes sell for a minimum of $60 though we have seen them selling for much more recently. We have Strike of Neos blister boxes, which contain 20 packs, for just $34. So, you can pay $2.50 or more per pack, or you can buy a blister box and pay $1.70 per pack!

We are selling regular Gladiators Assault boxes for $54. But we have Gladiators Assault blister boxes in stock for just $33. Again, you get just 4 fewer packs and save $21!

And we've seen regular Tactical Evolution booster boxes selling for $60 and up recently. We've got Tactical Evolution blister boxes in stock for just $33!

These aren't the only blisters you will find on our site, but we think they are some of the very best deals at the moment.
Monday, September 14, 2009
  WoW Scourgewar Loot Cards Announced!
Upper Deck has announced the loot cards that will be included with its upcoming World of Warcraft Scourgewar set. We are currently accepting pre-orders for Scourgewar, which is scheduled to ship in mid-November. Booster boxes are $63. Booster cases (12 boxes) are $744.

The super common loot card is a mini mount, Tiny, that carries your character as fast as the character can run. Horde characters get a baby raptor version and Alliance characters get a pony version of the mount. Each card is redeemable for 50 uses.

The uncommon loot card is the Tuskarr Kite.

The rare loot card is the Spectral Kitten. The new pet has its own armor and lets out a haunting meow.

Friday, September 11, 2009
  Yu-Gi-Oh Hidden Arsenal On Sale - Chaotic Alliances Unraveled On Sale Again
We are now accepting pre-orders for Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh Hidden Arsenal booster boxes. Hidden Arsenal includes 30 cards from the Duel Terminal arcade machine series, previously available only in Japan. Each pack contains 5 all-foil cards (1 secret rare and 4 super rares). Cards in the set include "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" and "Mist Wurm." The set includes new cards for 5 deck types: X-Saber, Flamwells, Mist Valley, Worms, and Ice Barrier monsters. Booster boxes, which include 36 packs, are $88. Cases (12 boxes) are $1,038.

We are also taking orders again for the new Chaotic boosters - Secret of the Lost City: Alliances Unraveled. We had sold out of our initial shipment, which arrived this week. We have a small number of booster boxes available to purchase now for $57that should arrive by the end of next week. Starters are $74.
Thursday, September 10, 2009
  Now Selling Yu-Gi-Oh Wave 2 Collectors Tins!
We've just begun taking pre-orders for the 2nd wave of 2009 Yu-Gi-Oh Collectible Tins! Konami sold out of first wave tins very quickly, so we expect the second wave to do the same.

Each Wave 2 tin includes 5 booster packs, including 2 advance booster packs of 1st Edition Stardust Overdrive, 1 Ancient Prophecy booster pack, 1 Raging Battle booster pack, 1 Crimson Crisis booster pack, 1 Secret Rare Variant card, 1 pack of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's card sleeves that match the theme and color of each tin, and tin partitions to help secure cards within the tin.

There are two different tin designs - Rex Goodwin's Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca (the final and mightiest of the Earthbound immortals) and Yusei's Majestic Star Dragon (his latest, upgraded version of Stardust Dragon).

Wave 2 tin cases are just $165 and include 12 tins. They are expected to ship by November 5th.
  Warlord 4th Edition In Stock - Call of Cthulhu Twilight Horror Arrives

Yesterday marked the arrival of the long awaited Warlord 4th Edition. We have shipped all 4th Edition pre-orders. And of course, we have additional copies of all of the new Warlord products in stock and ready to ship immediately - Base sets, Shattered Empire Sets, Crimson Coast sets, Learn-To-Play Sets, and Treasure Chest Expansion Sets.

The first asylum pack for the Call of Cthulhu Dreamlands Expansion also arrived yesterday. The Twilight Horror asylum pack contains 40 fixed cards (20 unique cards), and introduces Ghouls, Gugs, Zoog, and the dynamic Day/Night mechanic to the LCG card pool, as well as Twila-Katherine Price.

All Twilight Horror pre-orders have been shipped. We have additional asylum packs in stock for $9 and 6-packs for just $44.
Friday, September 4, 2009
  Last Day For Our Best Price On Clone Wars Widevision - Closed on September 7th in Observance of Labor Day
Don't forget that today is the last day to get our absolute lowest price on the upcoming Star Wars Clone Wars Widevision boxes and cases. Based on the sales we've seen so far, this set looks like it is going to be very sought after. Boxes are still available for $40 and cases (8 boxes) are just $309.

Potomac Distribution will be closed on Monday, September 7th, in observance of the Labor Day holiday. All orders placed on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will be processed on Tuesday, September 8th. We hope you have an enjoyable weekend!
Wednesday, September 2, 2009
  Pokemon Platinum Arceus On Sale
We have begun taking pre-orders for the next Pokemon Platinum expansion, Arceus. The new set introduces the Alpha Pokemon Arceus. The set features different versions of the new Alpha Pokemon Arceus, including 3 Arceus LV.X, cool new trainer cards that uniquely support Arceus, a holographic parallel set, and more than 100 new cards. There are two new theme decks built around 2 different types of Arceus. Booster boxes are $86. Booster cases (6 boxes) are $509. Starter boxes are $64. Arceus is scheduled to arrive by November 6th.
  Star Wars Clone Wars Widevision Price Increase Coming Friday

Topps has given us a very short order window for its upcoming Star Wars Clone Wars Widevision set. As a result, we are asking customers interested in placing pre-orders with us to do so as soon as possible so that they don't miss out on this fast moving set!

Our current prices:
Clone Wars Widevision Hobby box.....$40
Clone Wars Widevision Hobby case (8 boxes).....$309

After Friday, September 4th, our prices will be:
Clone Wars Widevision Hobby box.....$41
Clone Wars Widevision Hobby case (8 boxes).....$317

Every box of Clone Wars Widevision cards will include a Hobby-Exclusive sketch card!
Tuesday, September 1, 2009
  Ancient Prophecy In Stock! - Razor Ink Vault In Stock - Razor Ink Archives Restocked - Warlord 4th Edition Shipping September 9th!

Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh Ancient Prophecy expansion has arrived! All pre-orders have been shipped! Booster boxes and cases are still available.

Yesterday the new Razor Ink Vault boxes arrived. This is a truly unique product with each box containing a non-sport trading card box plus 3 autograph cards. Collectors can look for Twilight, Buffy Series 1, Family Guy Season 1, Charmed Season 1, and many more long out-of-print non-sport boxes. Razor Ink Vault boxes are $45 each.

We also just restocked Razor Ink Archives. Each pack includes 1 encapsulated certified non-sports autograph. Autographs include Ozzy Osbourne, Jennifer Garner, John Ritter, the cast of Lost, X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and more! Razor Ink Archives boxes are $78 each.

There is good news to report today concerning the Warlord 4th Edition game. We've been told that we can expect to receive all Warlord 4th Edition products on September 9th. We are planning to ship all pre-orders out that same day. There is a bevy of 4th Edition products to choose from.....

$116.....Complete Base Set
$58......Crimson Coast Complete Set
$58......Shattered Empires Complete Set
$19......Treasure Chest Set
$15......Learn-To-Play Set

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