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Wednesday, December 30, 2009
  L5R Celestial Edition 15th Anniversary Coming In March! DC HeroClix Brave & the Bold On Sale! Yu-Gi-Oh Twilight Edition Arriving Next Week!
Alderac has announced plans to release its Legend of the Five Rings Celestial Edition 15th Anniversary set in March!

The Celestial Edition 15th Anniversary set includes not only a full reprint of Celestial Edition cards, but also additional rares in every pack featuring cards from prior Celestial legal expansions such as Glory of the Empire. As a special tribute to the 15 years of L5R, each pack also contains a bonus flashback card, featuring a famous card of yesteryear such as "Inheritance" or "Evil Portents" in the new L5R look.

Booster boxes containing 48 packs are $103 each. Booster cases (10 boxes) are available for just $1019. Starter boxes (9 decks) are $73 each.

The Brave and the Bold will be the next HeroClix expansion. It will be based on DC Comics characters and is expected to arrive on March 31st.

The Brave and the Bold brings famous heroic (and a few villainous) pairings from the pages of DC Comics to your tabletop. The set includes 55 all-new figures, including over 25 characters that have never appeared in DC HeroClix before, and classic DC Comics duo-figure team-ups like Flash/Green Lantern and Luthor/Brainiac. Alter Ego figures let players start the game with a superhero in disguise and then change into costume when danger threatens.

We are pre-selling The Brave and the Bold cases (20 packs) for $159. Bricks (10 packs) are $89.

The highly anticipated release of Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh Twilight Edition comes next week!

Each Twilight Edition box includes 10 packs. Each pack includes 1 Ultra Rare variant "Honest" card, plus 1 Light of Destruction booster pack, 1 Phantom Darkness booster pack, and 1 Tactical Evolution booster pack. The "Honest" card is one of the most powerful cards in recent history and was originally released as a Secret Rare card in the Light of Destruction set. It is a key card for Lightsworn deck types and also works well with any deck using Light Attribute monsters.

We are pre-selling Twilight Edition boxes for $72 each.

We hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year! We will be closed tomorrow, December 31st, through Sunday, January 3rd. All orders placed during that time will be processed and shipped on Monday, January 4th.
Wednesday, December 23, 2009
  Star Wars Galaxy 5 Price Increase Coming Soon
Happy Holidays!
Topps plans to release its Star Wars Galaxy Series 5 set in late February. With Topps' order deadline approaching, we will be raising our price on Galaxy 5 hobby boxes and cases soon! Place your order by Tuesday, December 29th, to receive our lowest price ($59/box and $464/8-box case). After Tuesday, we will raise our prices to $61/box and $479/case.

Each Star Wars Galaxy 5 hobby box includes a 1 of 1 original sketch card! In addition to the 120-card base set, collectors can look for Foil cards (15 characters on foil technology and illustrated by Randy Martinez, available in Bronze, Numbered Gold, and Hobby Exclusive 1/1 Refractor versions), Etched Foil cards, Puzzle pieces featuring artwork by Joe Corroney, Lost Galaxy cards (hobby exclusive never-before-seen archival Galaxy art), autograph cards (vintage Galaxy Joe Smith portraits signed by Star Wars actors), sketch cards (1 of 1 hand drawn sketches by top artists including Manga and Shaped sketch cards), and printing plates (1 of 1 metal plates used to print each base card in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black). Every box includes a poster.

We will be closed from December 24th through December 27th. Any orders placed during that time will be processed and shipped on Monday, December 28th. Thank you for your patronage throughout 2009!

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!
Monday, December 21, 2009
  WoW Naxxramas Raid Deck Update
America at War Delayed
Bella Sara Sunflowers On Sale
Pre-Selling 2010 Topps Attax Baseball

We are expecting our initial shipment of World of Warcraft Naxxramas Raid Decks and Naxxramas Treasure Packs this week. We have a few individual raid decks left from our initial shipment that can be ordered and shipped this week. Customers who pre-order Naxxramas Raid Deck boxes going forward will have their orders shipped on Monday, December 28th.

We've been informed by iCardz that the release of the upcoming America at War: WWII/Band of Brothers Series 1 trading card set has been delayed. We originally thought the set would arrive around this time, but it is now expected to ship by January 22nd.

We are now accepting pre-orders for the next Bella Sara expansion, Sunflowers. The new set is scheduled to ship by March 2nd. It includes 45 magical horse and character cards, and features characters riding their horses for the first time, villains of North of North (Ivenna and her wolf), 10 new story cards that make up one large story, and secret codes that unlock a new set of online horses and adventures. Each pack includes 5 horse, character, or story cards, 1 random sticker card, and 1 secret code card.

Topps has announced plans to release its 2010 Topps Attax Baseball set in February. We are taking orders now for boosters and starters. Each booster pack includes 3 Attax batter cards, 1 pitcher card, 1 code card, and 1 silver foil card in every other pack. Each starter deck includes 11 Attax batter cards, 4 pitcher cards, 2 code cards, 2 silver foil cards, 1 gold foil card, and 1 starter exclusive sepia foil card. The 2009 Attax baseball set was a real hit, so don't miss out on this year's set!
Wednesday, December 16, 2009
  Lost Seasons 1 Thru 5 Price Increase Coming Friday - Warhammer Path of the Zealot Arriving This Week
We are currently accepting pre-orders for Rittenhouse Archives' upcoming Lost Seasons 1 Thru 5 trading card set. The set is scheduled to arrive on January 27th. Every box will include 3 autographs!

Friday, December 18th, is the last day to place your pre-order for Lost Seasons 1 Thru 5 and receive our lowest prices! After Friday, we will be raising our box and case price.

Here are a few of the set's highlights:

We were informed today that the new Warhammer Invasion battle pack, Path of the Zealot, is expected to arrive tomorrow or Friday. Each Warhammer Path of the Zealot Battle Pack includes 40 new cards, 20 of which are unique. Path of the Zealot is the second battle pack in The Corruption Cycle expansion.

Warhammer Invasion has been one of the most popular new products in 2009. We have Core Sets and the first battle pack, The Skavenblight Threat, in stock as well.
Monday, December 14, 2009
  Highlander Season 4 Bumped To January
WoW Wrathgate & Class Decks On Sale
Stardust Overdrive SE Releases Tomorrow
We just found out that the upcoming Highlander 2nd Edition Season 4 expansion has been delayed until January. We had originally hoped to ship the new set by the end of this week, now expect to ship by January 15th.

Upper Deck will be releasing World of Warcraft Class Decks this coming March.

Each Class Deck box includes 6 decks. Each deck includes 60 cards (containing random and fixed cards), 2 hero cards (1 from each faction and appropriate class), 1 UDE Points card or Loot card (any loot card from previous expansions can be found), and a quickstart rules sheet. The faction and class for the decks are noted on the packaging for each.

Upper Deck has also announced plans to release its next World of Warcraft booster expansion, Wrathgate, in April. Wrathgate includes Argent Crusade reputation and cards depicting the epic Battle of the Wrathgate, like Saurfang and Highlord Bolvar Fordragon. Foil versions of every card are inserted in booster packs. A new master hero, Highlord Tyrion Fordring will be introduced, and there are 3 new loot cards, including a new mount, to collect!

Tomorrow is the official release date for Yu-Gi-Oh Stardust Overdrive Special Edition. Each Stardust Overdrive Special Edition pack includes 3 Stardust Overdrive booster packs and 1 of 2 Super Rare variant cards (Charge of the Light Brigade or Tempest Magician). These cards have previously been available only as Secret Rare cards. Interest in this product has really picked up over the past few days, but we still have boxes available to ship tomorrow!
Friday, December 11, 2009
  Yugioh Absolute Powerforce Announced
Garbage Pail Kids Flashback On Sale

Konami has announced plans to release Yu-Gi-Oh Absolute Powerforce in February. The expansion features Jack Atlas' Majestic Red Dragon, as well as new Koa'ki Meiru, X-Sabers, Ritual Monster cards, Reptiliannes, Spellcasters, Machines, and more! There are also 4 new cards to add to players' Gravekeepers decks.

We are now taking orders for Topps' new Garbage Pail Kids Flashback set, due out in February. Each sticker in the Garbage Pail Kids Flashback set features classic art. There are 80 stickers in the set. A special subset includes 9 Lost Garbage Pail Kids that have never been published before. Inserts include 1 of 1 sketch cards, 1 of 1 Printing Plates (in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black), Rare Parallels (Gross Green, Punk Pink, Silver, Gold - both A&B variations), and Loco Motion cards (10 lenticular cards animating GPKs).
Friday, December 4, 2009
  Scourgewar Epic Collection & Stargate Heroes Arriving Next Week - New Chaotic and Pokemon Products On Sale - New Marvel Game From Upper Deck
We expect several new products to arrive next week...

World of Warcraft Scourgewar Epic Collection (aka the Scourgewar Bundle!) is expected to ship by Tuesday, December 8th!

Stargate Heroes releases on Wednesday, December 9th!

We added a number of new products to our list this week that are now available for pre-order:

Chaotic Secrets of the Lost City: Fire and Stone
Marvel Superstars
Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver
Pokemon Platinum Collection Series

We will post more details about all of these sets in the coming weeks!
  Harry Potter 3-Case Bonus Card, Costumes, & Props Announced!
Artbox Entertainment has just informed us that they are including a bonus card for customers pre-ordering 3 cases of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Update trading cards. The newly announced incentive is an autograph card from Elarica Gallacher (the waitress).

Artbox also gave us information that completes the list of prop cards included in the new set.

New additions to the list were:
Glasses and Bottles from Slughorn's Christmas Party
Framed Pictures from Slughorn's House
Potion Mixing Sticks
Wanted Poster for Amycus Carrow
Wanted Poster for Alecto Carrow

In addition, we received more detailed information about what the costume cards will include. There will be 3 different Daniel Radcliffe costume cards, including his Blue Zip Top, Navy Coat, and Blue Plaid Shirt! For the complete list, click here.
Thursday, December 3, 2009
  New KMC Sleeve - What do you think?
KMC has introduced a new type of sleeve that has already gained some popularity in Japan. KMC first introduced us to the Perfect Fit, or Perfect Size, sleeve which actually fits inside a standard sleeve. Now the company has come out with an oversize sleeve that is large enough to hold a standard sleeve.

As you can see below, the new sleeve includes some artwork around the border to add a little flair to the look of your standard sleeve.

Here's a look at the new sleeve with a standard size black sleeve inside it.

We've only been given a sample of the new sleeve at this point. Before we decide whether to carry the new design, we are interested in hearing what our customers have to say about it. Do you like the new sleeve? Would you use something like this? Why or why not? Post your thoughts here.
Wednesday, December 2, 2009
  Yu-Gi-Oh Yusei 2 On Sale!
Pre-Selling Highlander Season 4!
We've begun taking pre-orders for Konami's upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh Yusei 2 Duelist Pack Boosters. Each pack contains 5 game cards plus 1 strategy card. There are 30 cards in the Yusei 2 set, including some of the most popular monsters, spells, and traps used by Yusei, the main character in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

Unlike the first Yusei series, which included 30 packs per box, Yusei 2 boxes contain 36 packs. Booster boxes are available for $44 each. Cases (12 boxes) are just $516.

We are also taking pre-orders for Le Montagnard's upcoming Highlander Season 4 set. The new set includes boosters ($76 per box) and starters ($93 per box). Retailers can contact us to receive special pricing.
Tuesday, December 1, 2009
  Star Wars Galaxy 5 On Sale

Topps has announced plans to release Star Wars Galaxy Series 5 in February. We are now accepting pre-orders for the new set which appears to be loaded with great inserts. Every box is guaranteed to include a 1 of 1 sketch card!

In addition to the 120-card base set, collectors can look for...

Hobby boxes are available for $59. Hobby cases are just $464 (8 boxes).

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