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Monday, December 22, 2008
  Wacky Pack Flashbacks 2 Arrive - Pre-Selling New Naruto and Pokemon
Our shipment of Wacky Pack Flashbacks 2 arrived from Topps today. We shipped all pre-orders today. We still have boxes available for customers who have yet to place their order.

We added a number of new pre-order items to our gaming list today. Pokemon Platinum is expected to arrive February 13th. We are pre-selling boosters, sealed 6-box booster cases, and theme deck boxes.

The next Naruto expansion, A New Chronicle, will be a booster-only release. It is expected to release around February 24th. We are pre-selling booster boxes and sealed 6-box booster cases.

Naruto Guardian Village tins are expected to arrive in late February or early March. We are pre-selling sealed cases (12 tins) as well as 3-tin sets. Each set includes one of each of the three tin designs made for the Guardian Village release.
Friday, December 19, 2008
  Pre-Selling New WoW Products - Highlander Update
A chilly and very wet week comes to a close...

We spent part of this rainy Friday adding new World of Warcraft products to our pre-sale list. Among those new products are Fields of Honor, an expansion for the trading card game due out in July.

In addition, we added two new World of Warcraft Miniatures expansions to our list. Spoils of War is due out in April while Souls of Vengeance is expected to arrive in August. We are selling booster cases (16 packs), half cases (8 packs), and individual booster packs for both releases.

Highlander fans may notice that we are already sold out of Search for Vengeance booster boxes. Depending on the demand, we may try to restock these within the next few days. If you are interested in purchasing Search for Vengeance boosters, please email us at sales@potomacdist.com. Search for Vengeance starters are still available.

We hope everyone has a great weekend!
Thursday, December 18, 2008
  Marvel Masterpieces 3 In Stock - Cheaper Dissension and Drums of War

Upper Deck's Marvel Masterpieces Series 3 arrived today. We shipped all pre-orders today, and we still have boxes and cases available. Look for sketch cards and autograph cards in these boxes.

We mentioned our World of Warcraft Drums of War booster restock yesterday. Well, they arrived today. We've lowered our price to just $45 per box.

We also received a shipment of Magic the Gathering Dissension boosters today. We've lowered our price from $65 to just $56 on these.
Wednesday, December 17, 2008
  The Spirit Arrives & WoW Drums of War Update
On the heels of the sold out Twilight trading card release, Inkworks has brought us The Spirit. We received our shipment from Inkworks today and have a limited number of boxes still available to order. These are selling well this week with the movie still a week away (Christmas Day release). Look for autograph, pieceworks, and sketch cards!

We recently restocked World of Warcraft Drums of War starters (aka Battle Decks). We have them in stock now for just $51 each. Keep your eyes open for Drums of War boosters to reappear on our list in the next few days. We expect a shipment of those to arrive soon, and we expect to be able to offer those at a new lower price as well.
Tuesday, December 16, 2008
  Holiday Shipping Still Available & New Products Arriving This Week
It isn't too late to order for the holidays and still take advantage of our free UPS Ground shipping! To make sure you get your package in time, order by the date listed below for your area. Please contact us at sales@potomacdist.com if you have any questions.

Denver and east: Order by Wednesday, December 17th
Chicago and east, Florida: Order by Thursday, December 18th
Michigan to Alabama and east: Order by Friday, December 19th
MD, VA, DE, eastern PA, and southern NJ: Order by Monday, December 22nd

The newest Highlander expansion arrived today. Search for Vengeance is based on the animated film of the same name. Le Montagnard has upgraded the packaging on this release. Each starter deck is packaged in a box instead of a foil wrapper. Boosters and starters are available.

We just found out that A Game of Thrones: A Change of Seasons chapter packs will be arriving tomorrow or Thursday. We still have a wide variety of previously released chapter packs available as well.

Tomorrow also marks the official release of the Chaotic Rise of the Oligarch expansion. This set is sold in boosters only.
Monday, December 15, 2008
  Topps Sponge Bob Pre-Sale & Naruto Chosen Themes and Phantom Darkness Back In Stock
Topps announced plans today to release a Sponge Bob Square Pants trading card set in February. Every pack will include 6 trading cards and 1 sticker. Boxes are $38 each. Cases (8 boxes) are $295.

We restocked Yu-Gi-Oh Phantom Darkness boosters today. These have been one of our hottest Yu-Gi-Oh products over the past few weeks. We were able to lower our price to $82/box today.

We also received a restock of Naruto The Chosen starter boxes today. We haven't had these since September. They are just $59/box.
  Konami takes back Yu-Gi-Oh license from Upper Deck
Effective immediately, Konami has announced that they have taken control of the distribution of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Consequently, we have removed all presale offerings of Upper Deck Yu-Gi-Oh from our site. We hope to offer new Konami Yu-Gi-Oh releases as we get pricing and configuration information.

Our list of available Upper Deck Yu-Gi-Oh booster boxes can be found here.

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