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Friday, May 27, 2011
  New Warlord City of Gold Sets Coming Soon!
The latest Warlord 4th Edition City of Gold adventure path sets, Call of the Jaguar and The Champion, are expected to arrive next month! We are preselling the sets for $13 each or $23 per pair.

We currently have the full line of Warlord 4th Edition products in stock, including the Base, Crimsons Coast, Shattered Empires, Sands of Oblivion, and first City of Gold sets, as well as the Treasure Chest Expansion, and Learn-To-Play set.

Click here to order
  Big Dek Prot Shipment Arrives!
We received a large shipment of Dek Prot deck protectors this week!

For those who might not be familiar with Dek Prot sleeves, it's probably because we just started carrying them a few months ago. With a wider variety of colors in both standard (Magic) and Yu-Gi-Oh sizes than most other brands, as well as a very competitive price, they seem to be catching on fast!

Most of the Dek Prot colors are available for $18/10 packs (500 sleeves) or $48/30 packs. The standard size sleeves will be moving to a new 60 sleeve/pack format going forward. Those are available for $22/10 packs (600 sleeves) or $60/30 packs.

Click here to check out the standard size Dek Prot sleeves.

Click here to check out the Yu-Gi-Oh size Dek Prot sleeves.
Wednesday, May 18, 2011
  L5R War of Honor Shipping June 6th!
AEG's new twist on multiplayer L5R, War of Honor, is expected to ship on June 6th!

Order now to receive our lowest prices! On Monday (May 23rd) we will be raising our War of Honor box price from $44 to $45 and our case price from $209 to $214 (5 boxes per case).

Click here to order.

War of Honor is an L5R game of strategies and tactics for 2 to 4 players. The game brings a whole new dimension and dynamic to multiplayer L5R and is suitable for play with cards from the existing arc or older card collections. Players form and dissolve alliances, engage in political maneuverings, and wage mighty battles to determine which clan will triumph. War of Honor includes 4 Clan decks (Dragon, Lion, Phoenix, and Scorpion), a scoring board, markers, and movable tiles that give a different game play experience every time. Tiles for each of the other five Great Clans are included, making War of Honor fully expandable with your existing L5R card collection. The game can be played with more than 4 players if customized using L5R cards from your collection.

We also have the latest L5R expansion, Before the Dawn available as well:
Before the Dawn Boosters.......$101/box
Before the Dawn Starters.........$49/box
Before the Dawn Starter Sets...$34/set (3 decks)
Wednesday, May 11, 2011
  Naruto Shattered Truth Orders Due
The newest Naruto expansion, Shattered Truth, is expected to ship by May 20th!

Order now to receive our lowest prices! On Monday (May 16th) we will be raising our booster box price from $58 to $59, our booster case price from $342 to $348, and our theme deck box price from $51 to $52.

Chronicling the final battle between Sasuke and Itachi as the truth behind the history of the Uchiha clan is revealed, Shattered Truth features new cards of the Six Tails and fan-favorite Ninjas with the new Ono effect Ninja cards. Meanwhile Madera and the powerful Jutsus Kirin and Susanoo make their first appearance in the Naruto CCG. The Shattered Truth set includes more than 100 cards.

Click here to order.

We are also accepting pre-orders for Naruto Tournament Pack 3 booster boxes ($58 each) and cases ($342) now. The Tournament Pack 3 set is expected to ship by July 1st.
Monday, May 2, 2011
  Wacky Packages Series 8 Orders Due!
Topps' new Wacky Packages Series 8 is expected to ship in July. However, Topps needs our order now!

Order now to receive our lowest prices! Tomorrow, Tuesday May 3rd, we will be raising our Wacky Packages Series 8 box price from $41 to $42 and our case price from $308 to $323.

There are 55 new stickers in the Wacky Packages Series 8 base set, plus 10 Pack to the Future stickers, and 10 Wacky DVD Parody stickers. Special inserts include Sketch cards, Die Cut Magnet cards, Die-Cut Motion cards, and 3 levels of Parallels (Red, Foil, and Gold Foil).

Remember: We only need a 10% deposit when you place your pre-order. The remaining 90% isn't due until the release date!

Click here to order!

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