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Thursday, May 21, 2009
  Pre-Selling WoW Fields of Honor & Death Knight Deluxe Starters - Fields of Honor Loot Cards Detailed!
Upper Deck has posted some new information on the loot cards for its upcoming World of Warcraft Fields of Honor expansion.

Path of Cenarius is the ultra-common loot card that allows your character to leave a path of flowers and greenery in your wake.

The uncommon loot card is the Piñata. It allows your character to set up an Ogre Piñata on a portable tree. Your character can then use a weapon or magic to attack it until it explodes and releases candy gumballs. Eating the gumballs buffs your character so that it chews gum and blows an occasional bubble.

And finally, previous sets have included cards that allowed your character to ride a tiger, a turtle, or a rocket. Fields of Honor tops all of those with the rare El Pollo Grande loot card. Your character will be the envy of all while riding this large magic rooster!

We are accepting pre-orders for Fields of Honor boosters now. Booster boxes are just $61 each! Cases (12 boxes) are only $719. Fields of Honor is expected to arrive on June 30th.

Also available for pre-order are Death Knight Deluxe Starter boxes. Each box includes 6 packs. Each pack includes a 36-card Death Knight preconstructed deck (which includes 3 Ghoul token cards), a 17-card Death Knight pack (which includes 1 new hero and 16 exclusive cards to enhance the Death Knight Class), and a 33-card Dark Portal preconstructed deck. Death Knight Deluxe Starter boxes are just $86! They are expected to arrive by June 17th.

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