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Wednesday, December 30, 2009
  L5R Celestial Edition 15th Anniversary Coming In March! DC HeroClix Brave & the Bold On Sale! Yu-Gi-Oh Twilight Edition Arriving Next Week!
Alderac has announced plans to release its Legend of the Five Rings Celestial Edition 15th Anniversary set in March!

The Celestial Edition 15th Anniversary set includes not only a full reprint of Celestial Edition cards, but also additional rares in every pack featuring cards from prior Celestial legal expansions such as Glory of the Empire. As a special tribute to the 15 years of L5R, each pack also contains a bonus flashback card, featuring a famous card of yesteryear such as "Inheritance" or "Evil Portents" in the new L5R look.

Booster boxes containing 48 packs are $103 each. Booster cases (10 boxes) are available for just $1019. Starter boxes (9 decks) are $73 each.

The Brave and the Bold will be the next HeroClix expansion. It will be based on DC Comics characters and is expected to arrive on March 31st.

The Brave and the Bold brings famous heroic (and a few villainous) pairings from the pages of DC Comics to your tabletop. The set includes 55 all-new figures, including over 25 characters that have never appeared in DC HeroClix before, and classic DC Comics duo-figure team-ups like Flash/Green Lantern and Luthor/Brainiac. Alter Ego figures let players start the game with a superhero in disguise and then change into costume when danger threatens.

We are pre-selling The Brave and the Bold cases (20 packs) for $159. Bricks (10 packs) are $89.

The highly anticipated release of Konami's Yu-Gi-Oh Twilight Edition comes next week!

Each Twilight Edition box includes 10 packs. Each pack includes 1 Ultra Rare variant "Honest" card, plus 1 Light of Destruction booster pack, 1 Phantom Darkness booster pack, and 1 Tactical Evolution booster pack. The "Honest" card is one of the most powerful cards in recent history and was originally released as a Secret Rare card in the Light of Destruction set. It is a key card for Lightsworn deck types and also works well with any deck using Light Attribute monsters.

We are pre-selling Twilight Edition boxes for $72 each.

We hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year! We will be closed tomorrow, December 31st, through Sunday, January 3rd. All orders placed during that time will be processed and shipped on Monday, January 4th.
Question about the Brave and the Bold set... Do you offer store-side receipts for this so we can ship out for our brick figure? I noticed that they require that now, unlike the previous set, Hammer of Thor.

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